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Double "S" Pearl a very good Ziploc Hellums gyp

Eubanks Lady S. ~ McMillians Simon/Final bid on top, Colvins Rip on bottom, this gyp placed second in a three day and I just placed a pup off her and nightmare 9th a t the Central.

Wright's Molly~ Pinedale Gunner B. gyp. two different pups of her and McMillans Simon have already won derbys.

Double "S" Abby~ 3 crosses Clem's Whiskey on top Stickman/Action Cat on bottom. Littermate to the gyp that won last years Central Mississippi.

Have pups off Pierce's Molly ~ 6 gyps 5 males. Molly is double clown bred. Her first litter is 11 months old and we have already placed one in a derby.


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